Lynx, Axel, and Lukan’s story continues in book three, Dragon’s Fire. In this book, we finally get to meet the Light-Bearer himself, Nicholas aka Talon. He is joined by his two cousins, Kestrel’s sons, Grigor and Meka.

It’s Talon sixteenth birthday—the day Axel promised to fetch Talon from the forest to introduce him to the world as the Light-Bearer, the one ordained to destroy Lukan and the Dragon. It’s also the day Lukan plans to kill Axel and Talon by burning the world with poisoned gas. Lukan calls it Dragon’s Fire.

The day doesn’t turn out well for anyone. Now Lynx and Axel must race against time to stop Lukan destroying everyone they love with his diabolical weapon.

Join Lynx, Axel, Talon, and his cousins Meka and Grigor in another nail-biting, intrigued-filled, romantic adventure as they take on Lukan and Felix and their Dragon’s Fire.



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