Aurora and Jorah’s adventure continues in the thrilling Queen of Extinction sequel, Queen of Destruction!




From the UK and Italy, Erin St Pierre and my Sleeping Beauty writing adventures have moved to Australia.

From beneath the brilliant summer sky, and the beautiful Southern Cross, we bring you Queen of Destruction, the second book in our dark Sleeping beauty fairytale retelling.

This Sleeping Beauty fights back…

Find out why readers are loving this new fairy tale retelling from New York Times bestselling authors Gwynn White and Erin St Pierre!

Aurora and her allies barely escaped Ryferia with their lives. With the help of her would-be husband Jorah, the princess must trust in unlikely allies to have a chance against Raith, her arch enemy.
An oracle with a flare for the dramatic may hold the key to Ryferia’s survival…
Jorah has deep feelings for Aurora, but he doesn’t have the heart to take down the shrine to his lost love. Between Aurora’s doubt and a broken promise with the vindictive Sabrisia, Jorah uses dragon magic and trickery to buy himself time. But will it be enough to convince Aurora that he loves her?
But all is not lost. One of Aurora’s new allies may turn the tide in her fight against Raith. The only problem is that she exacts a steep price for her help… Queen of Destruction is a fantastical retelling of Sleeping Beauty, complete with assassins, oracles, and a vengeful goddess.
If you like incredible magic, reimagined fairy tales, and high-stakes romantic adventures, then you’ll love this captivating second book in the Queen of Extinction Trilogy by Erin St. Pierre and Gwynn White.

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