Warlord’s Wager has been nominated for the 2016 Bards & Sages eFestival of Words Award for the best Science Fiction.

The addiction continues…

The war in Treven has shifted to Axel’s conscience. Torn between loyalty and love, he has to decide whether he’s willing to risk everything to protect Lynx, his family, and the people of Chenaya from Lukan’s brutal ice crystal dreams.

Warlord’s Wager brings back Lynx, Axel, Lukan, Felix, and Tao for another adventure full of intrigue, war, politics, and romance. If you are not hooked, you are reading the wrong book!


I had such fun with the world building in this book. The scope of the narrative allowed me to expand on both the Norin and Treven landscapes. The steppes of Russia, populated with animals reminiscent of the African savannah, inspired Norin. Treven is a land of jagged mountains, raging rivers, ice crystal mines, and hot springs. They also grow apples from which they make mind-blowing cider. I was also able to explore more of each of their cultures, which was very satisfying. And then there is the romance between Lynx and Axel… Heartbreaking. I hope you love it as much as do.

This 105K-word book is the second in the Crown of Blood series. It retails for $3.99 on Amazon




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