Oman is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited! Truly spectacular in every way possible, I dream daily of going back there for another visit. So what makes it so special?

 It's a desert, so expect sunshine almost all year around. That means it's seriously hot. Stay hydrated, bring enough sunblock to last your trip and make sure you're always wearing a hat outdoors.

People in Oman are religious and have a deep respect for their traditions and culture. Be mindful of their conservative nature when visiting public places. And take a moment to look at the houses—honestly, ornate, colorful, and exotic, they remind me of wedding cakes!

Arabic is the official language in Oman. However, people also speak English. As Oman is a melting pot of Arabs, Hindi people, Pakistanis, and others, Hindi, Swahili, and Baluchi are widely spoken.

The Omani cuisine usually consists of traditional bread, rice, beef, chicken or fish, special tomato or Omani sauces and various types of salads. Scrumptious.

Palm trees can be seen everywhere in Oman. People have their own palm tree farms, and they are planted alongside every road.

Oman is famous for its frankincense trees. They export the spice around the world. So if you're wondering what that smell is, well, now you know. 

Historically, the land is so rich. don't forget to seek out some of their many ancient, ruined cities to visit. It's like stepping back into another world...

The best time to visit Oman is between October - March, during the winter months, when the weather is pleasant and cool. April and May are the shoulder seasons when the weather is still pleasant, but hotter than in the winter months.



It’s so untouched, it’s like stepping back into the world of The Arabian Nights. 

The houses are just extraordinary. They look like brightly colored wedding cakes. 


The countryside reminded me of a Russian doll. The jagged, rocky mountains just go on forever and ever.