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This was the first series Erin St Pierre, my daughter and co-author, and I wrote together.

We set out to craft a simple Sleeping Beauty fairytale retelling, but Aurora had news for us.


While asleep to some of the life-threatening dangers facing her, she's no ordinary Sleeping Beauty and her brutal world is no Disney princess's palace.

A dark and bewitching romance, Aurora and her prince are waiting to meet you.


In Ryferia, magic is banned, and those who have powers suffer terrible consequences.


Princess Aurora knows her uncle murdered her brother, the king - yet she’s unable to prove it. Though she’s the rightful heir, she cannot claim the throne unmarried.


Aurora has thirty days to find a husband. Otherwise, the crown will be forfeited to her uncle, and her kingdom will fall.

Aurora has no choice - she has to raise an army.

In Warrendyte, the council has declared itself Aurora’s enemy. In order to survive, Jorah and Aurora must share each other’s powers… but the cost causes Jorah to lose his magic.

Aurora's world darkens this dangerous, high-stakes fantasy adventure

QueenOfCreation-Final-Small copy.jpg

The final book in this trilogy will be published around Easter 2020.

Don't miss out!


Characters First. Always.

Sometimes characters step into my mind with all their freckles in place. Other times, it helps to trawl Pinterest for inspiration. But once the inspiration comes, it’s always fun to do a Hollywood casting of who would play the leads in the blockbuster movie just waiting to be made. My co-author Erin St Pierre and I did this for Princess Aurora, Raith, and Jorah.

Unkown Aurora.jpg

Princess Aurora

For Aurora, it was important that she was beautiful, but not in a classic, expected way. In the first book, we wanted her beauty to radiate from within. It was only once she left Ryferia in the second book, Queen of Destruction, that her external beauty would shine through.


When we saw this unknown girl… well, that’s when the story came alive for us. We gave this picture to the cover artist and she really captured the essence of our Princess Aurora.

Lord Jorah Thalyn, Dragon Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

And as for Jorah? Does it get any better than Chris Hemsworth? When we told our designer he was our inspiration for Jorah, she gave us this...


Even the poisoned garden froze in the presence of our icy dragon shifter.

Jorah QOE.jpg
Character 2e.jpg

Lord Raith Krall, Duke of Lorithian


Mention our gorgeous, tortured incubus Lord Raith Krall, Duke of Lorithian, and Erin and my minds flit to Jack Falahee.  

“Damn!” Erin gasped when she saw him. “He’s hot. Is it bad that I want to keep this picture as my screensaver?”

Instead of having her drooling over a real person, (that would just be creepy) we had an artist turn Jack into Raith. Here he is, walking in Aurora’s poisoned garden. 

Peckle, the Talking Cat

Peckle is unashamedly based on Lexie-Pex, our cranky, funny, sharp-clawed English farm cat. She treats our dog, a feisty Toy Pomeranian, exactly the way she treats Zandor and everyone else in the story: cuddles when she wants them. The rest of the time? Scornful disdain. 



"These characters pull you in and grab hold of the places in your mind and heart most books cannot hope to reach." 

    Fran Churchill, Amazon Reviewer.

"This book was so well done that I've gone and broke my "no 5s on a first book" rule. I'm definitely looking forward to book 2, and highly recommend this one."

The Mysterious Amazon Customer


Top Contributor: Fantasy Books

"I loved this book. The story was engaging. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I couldn't put the book down. Can't wait to read the next book in the series."


Jamie, Amazon Reviewer.

"Marvelous...astounding...magical! Queen of Destruction is a fantastic read and I can't wait to read the finale...Queen of Creation."


Mary Botts, Amazon Reviewer.

"A well written plot that's frankly pretty darn thrilling, and the result is yet another major winner of a book."   


The Mysterious Amazon Customer

Top Contributor: Fantasy Books

"I think this is the point I'm supposed to say something critical, you know, something I didn't like. I guess I'll close on this one thing. I have to wait for the next book."

 Ms. J Amazon reviewer.

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