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The Final Roll of the Dice…

The battlefield in Dmitri’s curse has finally shifted to the palace in Cian—and Lukan is the ultimate target.

Led by Axel and Lynx, Nicholas and the rest of the alliance have arrived in Cian, ready to destroy Lukan and to reshape the world. But Dmitri has something special up his sleeve—a final twist in the game that will leave them reeling and the world on its knees.

But even in the darkest night, there is hope…

FINAL MOVES brightedned correct text.jpg

Final Moves, the exhilarating conclusion to the Crown of Blood fantasy adventure series by New York Times bestselling Author Gwynn White, will leave you breathless, tearful, and triumphant—all at the same time.




The Fire Thief Medium eBook Cover.jpg

She fights to survive...But only white-hot fire will reveal her power.

Rebels Honor

​When love and lives are on the line, some risks are just too great not to take...

Craving your next Leigh Bardugo or Sarah J. Maas fix?


Look no further than the four-book Fire Thief series.


Stasha and Averin's slow-burn romance, elemental fae magic, and epic sword and sorcery action will set your heart ablaze.

Set in an epic world of steam and gunpowder, this six-book fantasy romance will enchant readers who love fierce, star-crossed lovers—


Especially if they're caught up in heart-pounding adventure, complicated by twisting palace intrigue.


​A magical princess. A kingdom in danger. A fight to the death for the throne.

Dark and bewitching, the three-book Queen of Extinction series harks back to the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale but with an unexpected twist.


Step behind the iron hedge if you dare...

News from the writing cave ...

Hello dear readers,

I hope you're having a fabulous day and that life is being kind to you. 

I've been sitting on some news I can no longer hide as it relates to book deadlines, promises made, and, quite frankly, my reputation as a person. So it's time for the raw, unadulterated truth.

For many months now, I've been in author burnout. I can actually date when it started: Jan 2018, when I completed Hearts & Minds, book six in the Crown of Blood series.

Since then, despite releasing three books (The Fire Thief, The Winged Assassin, and Final Moves), writing has been a daily struggle of me willing words onto the page and my brain answering back, with, "No. I'm exhausted. Stop asking me to write because I don't have it in me."

At first, I had no idea what was happening and I just forced myself to keep going—hence the two books in The Fire Thief series. I had hoped that by writing Stasha's fabulous story, I'd rediscover the magic.

It wasn't to be. 

By mid-2019, I had a total collapse. I could not get out of bed in the morning for love or money. Still my conscience would not leave me alone—I had promised to finish the Crown of Blood series. 

Like all candidates for burnout, I could not accept that I was sick and leave it alone. I pushed on and finished Final Moves in January 2020—two years since Heart & Minds. Despite everything, I think Final Moves is a brilliant ending to the series. 

But now for the hard truth....

In the process of finishing the series, I destroyed my passion for writing fiction. I'll go so far to say that I feel physically ill when I think about it—even in worlds and with characters I love. 

Not only is this heartbreaking to me, it also means that I'm not going to meet the end of March pre-order for The Crowned Killer. Erin St Pierre has mostly recovered from her long-term illness and is working on the book but my part will definitely be delayed. Obviously, this impacts on the final book in the Queen of Extinction series too.

As soon as we have release dates for these books (translate: when I feel stronger and able to write fiction again) we'll let you know. Prayers will be welcome :-)

As part of my healing, I'm working slowly on a non-fiction project that is bringing me joy—the thing I need most right now. I will keep you posted on that.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all. I know I haven't treated you well over the past months and I understand if you need to move on. If, however, you decide to stay the journey with me, I'll forever regard you as my friend.

Until next time,



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