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An epic fantasy romance set in a medieval world powered by steam and controlled by gunpowder, the six-book Crown of Blood series will enthrall readers who love a fierce heroine, a daring hero, and a heart-stopping adventure.

The world as they knew it is gone forever…

"The story just gets better and better...


I truly can't wait to read the next book in the series and I've got the feeling I'll be devouring anything else by the author as well."  


ck762, Amazon Reviewer


A missing prince. A city aflame. Can they survive when fate and will collide?

"What a ride... I loved this so much I read it twice. Around every turn there is something new to figure out and every chapter leaves you wanting more." 

Jane Paige McEwan, Amazon Reviewer.


The battlefield in Dmitri’s curse has finally shifted to the palace in Cian—and Lukan is the ultimate target.

Led by Axel and Lynx, Nicholas and the rest of the alliance have arrived in Cian, ready to destroy Lukan and to reshape the world. But Dmitri has something special up his sleeve—a final twist in the game that will leave them reeling and the world on its knees.

FINAL MOVES brightedned correct text.jpg

Crown of Blood Collection:  Books 1 - 6 preorder coming soon


When love and lives are on the line, some risks are just too great not to take...

"This fantasy adventure has it all. A beautiful warrior-princess forced to marry the prince she hates, royal plots and intrigues, plus a handsome soldier who tries to steal her heart." 

Diane Rapp, Amazon Reviewer


A race against time to save the world from destruction.

"The twists, turns, and character developments of this book are fantastic! Cannot wait for the next installment! This author has a real gift for this kind of writing and she does it so well!"

D Dobler, Amazon Reviewer


The crown grows desperate. Fate is poised to act…

"Heart-stopping, Nail-biting Action!

Gwynn, you're killing me! :-)  

I'm on pins and needles waiting for the finale." 

Paula Horne, Amazon reviewer.


Star-crossed love. A curse to damn an empire. A war to end the world.

Took me about 3 days to read and I am itching to get the next book in the series (even considering KU so I can start today).

Janell, Amazon reviewer/


Lynx adult.png
axel back included.jpg

I'm always wary of seeing the author's vision of the characters in my favorite books—especially characters who haven't made it onto the cover. What happens if they look totally different to how I pictured them? 

So, at the risk of messing with your own mental images, I present a collection of illustrations of Lynx, Axel, Nicholas aka Talon, Grigor and Meka, and Nicholas as the Light-Bearer. 

Nicholas age 16.jpg
the twins.jpg

"What a superb story, I was so disappointed when it ended. Only good part is there is another book."  arlc, Amazon reviewer.

"The story captivated me from page one, I could not stop reading it. I loved all the characters and how they fitted together."

Lady Lightning, Amazon reviewer.

"Gwynn White is a masterful creator of characters and worlds that come to life right off the pages! I rode the rollercoaster of emotions along with Lynx and Axel as they battle for their families and their people." schris11, Amazon Reviewer.


And this mess here, you ask?

Good question.

Every item (dirty rag and various shoes included) represents a key character in the final battle for the empire. 


That's my whiteboard showing all my battlegrounds. Talk about complex.


(Sometimes I question my sanity...)

The Inspiration Behind The Series

In Chenaya, the dead meddle in the affairs of the living.

I often joke that the characters I write about live in a world just like ours set in a parallel universe. Andromeda, perhaps

Through a gap in time, a wormhole maybe, they infiltrate our plane of existence.


Their purpose? To find some poor, long-suffering sap of an author to haunt until their stories are told.


That's certainly what Lynx, Axel, and Lukan did to me.


For decades, their whispered voices disturbed my sleep. Their shadows even followed me as I ferried my three daughters to their various activities, and worked with my husband Andrew in our adventure travel filmmaking and publishing business. As faithful as the rising sun, they never left my side.


Finally, they took it a step too far…


I remember the day as clearly as if it were yesterday.


Grocery shopping…that’s what I’d been doing, and that is about as mundane as you can get. But it was the day that changed my life.

I stepped out of the mall to find that I had lost my car. So engrossed in listening to my characters talk, I had no idea of where I’d parked. Sweating and cursing—it was a hot summer day—I pushed a full shopping cart up and down the rows of cars, looking for my Toyota Corolla.


Finally, after a twenty-minutes of slog, I had to admit defeat: my car wasn’t in the parking lot. That meant it had been stolen. (We lived in South Africa at the time, so that was a very likely scenario. Over the years, I had three cars stolen from me.)


Cursing internally, I pushed my now melting groceries to the mall security office and reported my car missing. Before calling the cops, a dozen guards helped me search the parking lot one last time.


And then I spotted my car… only it wasn’t my Corolla. It was Andrew’s Land Rover, parked exactly where I'd left it. So captivated by Lynx and Axel’s prattle, I’d even forgotten that I had driven his car to the mall.


My skin still burns when I recall what happened next.


Too embarrassed to admit I was THAT stupid, I slunk into the Land Rover, ducked down low so no one spotted me, and drove away without saying a word to security.


I know. Terrible. I still cringe to think of it.


But it finally prompted me to start writing the Crown of Blood series.


From a mere, often inconvenient, presence, the characters now became all-consuming as I drafted and redrafted their tale. I carried a notebook with me constantly to jot down blocks of dialogue that flowed into my mind like a second consciousness—usually at the store checkout counter.


And just as each character had stepped whole and breathing into my life, so their worlds followed them.


Lynx’s Norin combines parts of southern Africa, where I come from, with the endless grassy steppes of central Asia. Here, the sun beats hot, and the wind never ceases. Is it any wonder the Norin direct their prayers to the Winds? And in honor, the Winds reply.


Or so the Norin believe.


And as for ostriches in central Asia? Why not? Stranger things have been known to happen…


Lukan and Axel were just as vocal as Lynx. Every time they showed me glimpses of their world, I saw Mother Russia as it was under the Tzars, only with the addition of the terrible mind-controlling ice crystals the Avanovs love so much.


The Russian royals have always fascinated me. Catherine the Great is one of my heroines and I’ve read extensively about her world. The ill-fated Tzar Nicholas and his family tug at my heartstrings. So it wasn’t hard to translate that world into Chenaya.


As for the rest of the world-building… I draw heavily on my travels for inspiration. Cappadocia in Turkey inspired the mines in Treven. The dhows in Dubai found their way into Tarach in Blood Rites. Germany's Black Forest inspired the forests around Cian.  No doubt, I'll find ways of introducing even more exotic places into my world.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the characters and world as much as I do. Happy reading.



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