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I'm so glad you stopped by here so I can introduce you to me, my world, and my family. In no particular order.... 

Meet Bellatrix Le Strange, my Toy Pomeranian shadow. She has the heart of a lion and the brain of a boiled goldfish. She was supposed to be my daughter Kate's dog but Bella wasn't having any of that. She imprinted on me before we'd even left the breeder's driveway.


Kate did, however, name her after the Harry Potter Bellatrix that we all love to hate. She really didn’t think that name through properly.


Now Bellatrix is called Bella, Bells or Belly, depending on what she’s doing.


P.S No one seeing me and Bella together would believe that I'm actually a cat person. 

The Better Part Of Me...

I was fortunate to marry my other half: Andrew St Pierre White.  Like me, Andrew lives for adventure. While I find my fix in the books I write, he gets his by making adventure travel films for his YouTube channel.  This was shot at the famous Wave Rock in Western Australia, somewhat close to where we live in Perth.

A Mother/Daughter Writing Duo

Not every Mom has the privilege of writing bestselling books with her daughter. 


I'm just such a Mom.

Erin St Pierre (St Pierre is a family name Erin uses with pride) has always been a book geek. She started writing her first book when she was thirteen. At the same time, she was making fanart full-length movies of her favorite books.


She had just turned nineteen when we decided to write a Sleeping Beauty retelling together. We called the series Queen of Extinction. We even traveled to Italy to do our book research. The picture was taken on the streets of Venice.


We have gone on to write the Fire Thief series together, too. We also have plans for other joint fantasy books.


Working with her is awesome! We sparked off each other to create magical worlds, filled with living-breathing characters. 

Is there a photographer in the house?

This is my eldest daughter, Stephanie.


Stef makes life fun! She has a keen sense of humor, especially for practical jokes. Trouble is, she can dish them but she can't take them. That makes for even more fun when we get her back.


She's also horse-mad. Having almost lost her in a horse-related accident, I'm keenly aware of how much sweeter life is with her around. 


When Stef's not joking around or riding horses, she's a top social media photographer in Perth. 

Every family needs a Kate!

 This bright spark is my youngest daughter.


Kate inherited her parents' adventurous spirit. She and Cam, her husband, have huge dreams of buying a yacht and sailing around the world. 


When she's not scrubbing decks, she's a Social Media Brand Manager.


Kate also finds time to manage Andrew and my social media.  You can stalk her on Instagram.

Fated souls...

Cam married his childhood sweetheart—Kate.  


When they were about nine, I was chatting to Cam's mom about their super-cute friendship. I commented that they would marry one day.


Called it! If you'd like to see some of their wedding pics, check out my Bali page under my Travel section.


Like Kate, all Cam wants to do is sail the world. Until then, he uses his computer skills to sort out other people's computer problems.

A Fellow Geek

Liam is the latest addition to the family, having recently married Erin. He brings with him a love of Monty Python, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Lord of the Rings—all the great ones!


Needless to say, he fit right in. He’s also our resident physiotherapist, who takes care of Andrew and my aching joints, bones, and muscles. Every home should have one.

Let's Not forget The Cat...

Isn't she gorgeous? Lexi was a starving kitten, living under a shed on a farm in Lincolnshire, England when we found her. We had to bribe her with tuna to catch her. 


From her humble beginnings, she has gone on to rule the White household with a sharp claw in a fur-lined paw. We all worship at her magnificent feet. 


Like every member of the family, she has at least a dozen nicknames, all of which she answers to—if the mood strikes her.


She was the inspiration for Peckle, the Talking Cat in Queen of Extinction.


Just like Aurora and co, we could not live without her. 

My Fandoms

No story about me could be complete without a few words and pictures about my favorite fandoms.


I confess to love collecting books, Funko Pops and other bits of merch from fandoms I love.

Not hard to guess which some of them are.

My merch addiction makes me the easiest person in the world to buy gifts for— a fact my family happily abuses to the satisfaction of us all.

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